Home Window Tinting

When you think of window tinting, you probably think of dark car windows and thumping bass music. But window tint is used in home windows as well, and can be a helpful way to keep down energy costs, block harmful UV rays, and maintain privacy without sacrificing the natural light that windows provide.

In times past, heating and cooling homes was difficult, and windows were kept small to help with maintaining comfortable temperatures. Today, technology has made heating and cooling our homes as simple as setting a thermostat and the luxury of huge windows has become standard in home building. The use of window tinting on these windows is becoming commonplace.

Window Films for Energy Savings

The use of glass films on home windows can significantly reduce cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. By  blocking the most powerful and harmful rays of the sun, the UV rays, window tinting films make cooling your home and maintaining a constant comfortable temperature easier and far less expensive.  Maintaining temperature consistency means your cooling system need not work so hard, which is good for your pocketbook and for the environment.

Window Films for Safety and Security

There are many types of window films that can also offer protection for your home and family. These films act as a barrier, preventing the glass from breaking easily. Intruders are impeded by the glass that stays intact upon breaking. This type of window tinting film is also helpful during severe weather incidents, as the film holds the glass panes in place to help minimize flying glass and damage from the elements. Often these films are available in clear, or tinted to offer additional energy savings.

Decorative Window Films

In rooms where curtains or blinds are impractical, decorative window films offer solutions for privacy, while still allowing natural light. These tinting films can be used on shower doors, cabinet doors, and bathroom windows. Many films mimic the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Many decorative window films also offer UV filtering and security as an added bonus.  Decorative films come in patterns, such as floral or art deco designs, or sheets of solid patterns.

Window Films for Privacy

Window tinting offers an alternative to traditional blinds and curtains for privacy in your home. By allowing you to see out, but blocking others from seeing inside, privacy tinting makes it easy to keep your view intact without sacrificing your privacy. These films are often reflective in nature, giving your home a modern, impressive visual appeal as well.

Whether you are using window tint films for privacy, decoration, security or energy savings, installing window films in your home is a smart investment. There are many options for installation, from professional services that do all the work for you, to do it yourself kits. Window tinting is generally guaranteed for at least ten to fifteen years, and most will pay off in a short amount of time with the energy savings they offer.